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Cable letter Shanghai Electronics Co., Ltd. was established in 1995, has always been committed to the industrial safety sensor products R & D, manufacturing and sales, after more than ten years of efforts, the independent brand SENSORC finally become a famous brand in the field of industrial safety. SSG20's SENSORC series safety grating with its safe and reliable performance, powerful design, humanized control and excellent price performance in the domestic and foreign markets have achieved good results.
In many years of market competition, in the fierce competition in many brands of similar products at home and abroad, SENSORC stand out, won the trust and praise of thousands of enterprise customers at home and abroad! Also for the "made in China" has added its own color!

According to the needs of the market, has launched the SLG20, SEG10, SEG20, SSG20, SPG10, S100 and other safety grating series products. Full of high, medium and low-end product line fully meet the actual needs of all customers, more than ten years of tempered to create a SENSORC excellence in product quality! At the same time is also a well-known German brand SICK companies in China's first level agents, has accumulated a large number of applications in such industries as steel, port, logistics, packaging, sorting, etc.. In the photoelectric switch, proximity switch, bar code reader, encoder, laser ranging, security scan protection, visual inspection and other products can provide customers with professional advice and solutions. Cable is willing to work with you hand in hand, to ensure safe and stable development!


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